Friday, November 28, 2008

Curbside compost comes to Boulder!

Happy post-Thanksgiving! I loved your thankfulness post, Lynnis. I am thankful to be able to read the thoughts all of you so far away.

I thought I should report on my newest happy Boulder living phenomenon. Sofi and Sam had a great time watching the trash company come this morning to reconfigure our trash carts for the new city curbside compost and single stream recycling program. For some time we tried to compost in our yard, but with the extreme dry climate compost actually requires watering, which strikes me as such a difficult use of a precious resource. Now all residential trash service in Boulder comes with a bin where kitchen waste, yard waste and non-plastic coated non-recyclable organics can go- this was a huge step for Boulder towards the citywide zero-waste plan. It makes us feel better knowing that not only are we overly concerned about our trash, but those around us are too. All things considered it chalks up to more points in the pro column for living in Boulder.

Now if only we could figure out how to go completely zero-plastic. I did want to follow up on Piri's older plastic rant by mentioning that we have a picnic table made of recycled plastic that I really like. It is very heavy duty and supposed to not fade or degrade very easily, and so far has not stained or changed state in any way. Maybe we need to just think of more ways for our plastic refuse to enhance our lives?

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Piri Jenkins said...

Boulder has many "pro points", I think you will miss it if you move.