Thursday, November 6, 2008

Expertise counts

I went over to Lyle's today to have some welding done. It was all completed in an amazingly short time. He uses a MIG instead of a stick welder like mine. Of course he is practiced while I am an utter novice. Both equipment and expertise did the trick.

Lyle says he is going to teach Scot to weld if Scot wants to learn. I hope he does. That boy needs a trade. Scot is a smart, quick learner.

Maybe I will get a MIG some day. Lyle says that even a monkey can learn to use one. I'm sorry to repeat an insult to a monkey. The thought police are listening. I hope I am smarter than a monkey.


Lynnis said...

Brian's welder is a mig I think. Lyle has a way with words. Did you go to his house in Sterling or his parents'? It seems like he still spends a lot of time in Accokeek.

Gordon said...

I went to his parents house where he usually is.