Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's a Woot Off today!

Woohoo! Cheap crap that you never imagined you needed until you see it on woot! I know I have turned Piri and Sandi on to woot and they've gotten some good junk there, but those of you who haven't used it yet should check it out. They post one ridiculously cheap thing everyday at 1am. The other day they had 2gig SD cards for 2.99, so I got 3!

Special days, like today, they use to clear inventory and when one item is sold out, another item will be posted immediately afterwards. The grand final is usually a bag of crap for $1. This usually instantly crashes their server as people have been known to get plasma TVs in the grab bags. Also no matter what you get or how many it is $5 shipping. One caveat - I have not have much luck with their refurb goods (cleaning robots & vaccums), I have usually needed to send them back for repair.

You could go to but I like to watch woot-offs at this RSS feed because it's less drag on their server and you don't need to refresh.

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