Friday, November 21, 2008

If you want a Federal Job by Law Register for Draft

It was quite some time ago that I urged Soren and Scot to register for the draft. The draft has not been used since the Vietnam war, but, Congress passed a law that all males who want a federal job must have registered for the draft. This is supposed to be done at 18 and must be done before turning 26.

Today that paid off for Scot. He applied for a Navy job where Greeleo works. He was sweating it for a while because he didn't remember registering and the Selective Service site said that since he was 26 it was too late. But then he remembered to check to see whether he was already registered. Lo, and behold, he was registered. It PAYS to listen to elders advice. Now if only a different male would do so on other matters ...

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Lynnis said...

I remember Scot registering when he signed up to vote, of course he wasn't happy about it but there is no alternative. It's such a sexist scam to force young men to do it.