Monday, November 3, 2008

The Reuben Sandwich

B&J had a sign up about their perfect Reuben's. I like Reuben's and so do many people. Interestingly, it is a quintessentially American invention although the exact inventor is in dispute. Reuben Kulakofsky of Omaha Nebraska is said by most to be the inventor. Others say Arthur Reuben, of Reuben's restuarant in New York, was the inventor. Interestingly, it is not kosher to mix meat with dairy, nonetheless, both names appear to be Jewish.

I had to find an excuse to put DAIRY in here in order to confuse Lynnis' alleged dyslexia confusion with DIARY. In any event, both alleged inventors are Americans and the invention has spread worldwide to great acclaim. I like mine on rye, not pumpernickel.


Lynnis said...

huh, I thought it was a traditional irish sammich, but I guess after careful consideration the sauerkraut makes that impossible.

Gordon said...

I don't see what is so un-Irish about sauerkraut. It is made from cabbage and is it not true that cabbage and corned beef stew is an Irish dish ?

What is more confusing is mulagatawny soup. From the sound of the name, which I probably misspelled, it sounds Irish. Actually it is a dish from India, imported by the British cuisine during the Raj.

Lynnis said...

Well isn't sauerkraut a german/czech thing?

The Indian buffet by my work always has mulligatawny soup so I never mistook it for being irish.