Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barry O'Bama helping the economy already!

So voting is just getting underway and already the idea of an Obama win is helping the economy. The stocks are up, way up! Since the economy is largely based on how people feel about their financial prospects, consumer confidence goes a long way to making a measurable difference in the economic outlook. Seems democrats get the benefit of typically being associated with economic prosperity. (Carter is the exception to that I suppose). I don't believe there is an actual trend of democratic policies always helping the economy, but as stated above sometimes it being in people's head is enough to make a difference. More likely the economic growth and contraction cycles are in sync with the alternating Dem-Rep cycles. One thing is for sure though, the Bushites sure did their fair share of screwing it up.


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I stayed up last night for the concession speech and the victory speech. In spite of our current economic and other woes, I can't help but feel more hopeful.