Sunday, November 2, 2008

Palin Prank Call

This is either highly entertaining or excruciating. I found it too painful to listen to about 3 minutes in.

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Bill said...

Palin did pretty well once she was informed she'd been pranked. However, her staff, who were stupid and irresponsible enough to get her into this situation, were also stupid at the end. Palin had recovered, took it like a good sport, and with good instinct - the smartest thing I've ever seen her do - asked for the call letters of the radio station, but the staff interrupted her and hung up on the Masked Avengers. Because of her ignorance, once she was in conversation, there was no way she could have handled the situation, and avoided acting the fool. I think she will fade away a lot quicker than expected.

The most recent poll of Alaska shows Obama behind McCain by only 3%. The polling company is Hays Research, out of Alaska, and they have done polling for Waste Management, Inc. Its findings are not consistent with other polls, finding McCain/Palin ahead by 15% or more, but it is more current. If, however, the Hays poll turns out to resemble the final outcome, I think that will mean Palin is losing stature in Alaska, in which case, she could be in for hard times, because she has 2 more years to serve as Governor, and they may prove difficult.