Monday, December 1, 2008

Artistic elephant

You won't believe this one. Maybe I don't myself. I suppose a photo sequence can be faked. Maybe a human did it. But at face value, an elephant did this amazing art work. Look at the whole sequence top to bottom. That elephant can paint better than I can.

I'm ever so glad Lona and I contributed to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee for retired circus elephants. Only females are accepted because of the impracticality of dealing with a bull.


Lynnis said...

I have seen that elephant. It is not just one, but a whole team of elephants trained to paint. They all paint the same thing though...elephants with flowers.

Last year a caretaker was trampled to death at the elephant sanctuary, that made the elephants seem ungrateful to me so I took them off my charity list.

Gordon said...

It was an elephant emotionally traumatized from past circus experience. Nonetheless, I agree, they are not totally benign.