Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things that you wished people noticed

Have ever had that feeling? Hasn't there been something you felt like you had improved on and you want somebody--anybody to compliment you for the hard work you put into improving it.

I was just thinking about my signature. I know it must be sort of weird, but i have spent hours practicing my signature in the hopes that i may one day get complimented. when i look at now objectively, id say that it looks average/normal. At the same time, i suddenly realized that people weren't there for the time that i put into it. It's not a big thing, it's just wierd thing i have noticed before.

What about everyone else?

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Gordon said...

It is an intrinsically good thing. Self pride in an accomplishment is all it takes.

Curiously, sometimes I choose to write neatly and it comes out well. Usually it is very bad though. Well, Greeleo, you are a pharmacist tech, you, like a Doctor are expected by the public to have bad handwriting. Your employer probably expects otherwise.