Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What have you been absorbing?

I recently found this cool database which tells you how safe your personal sundries are on a scale of 0 to 10, zero being no risk and ten being very high hazard. You can search by product or specific ingredient. Most of what I've been using is pretty good, my goal is the keep the level of hazard under 4 or 5.

The site has it's faults and it is somewhat alarmist at times (like aloe getting a mention for cancer risk and one of my products getting a 4 because it has "unspecified essential oils"). I found out the Salycilic acid from my peels is a 7, but glycolic acid is an acceptable 5, so I think I'll just switch to 50% glycolics instead of 40% and maybe add some 85% lactic acid to the routine and hopefully get the same results. The scariest part to me was makeup with high pigments like blush and eyeshadow, those generally rank very risky since there are metals used to make the pigments. I also thought my mitchum deodorant was super threatening because of the high amounts of buffered aluminum, but it only ranked a 2.


Gordon said...

I agree about the risk of metals content of some makeup. Be careful.

Lona said...

Be sure to check your nail polish!