Sunday, October 5, 2008

Locavore update

Well, it is not much for winter food storage, and it is stored in plastic, but it is a start. The farmer's market was today and we got a dozen ears of corn and 2 quarts of green beans to cut up and freeze for the winter. Now we have something to look at in the freezer. We also got pumpkins, broccoli, honey, soap, coffee (locally roasted), potatos, apples, apple cider, tomatos and onions. Still left over from last week, are a tomato, a few peppers, onions and leeks. I ment to buy celery and eggs but they were sold out. The farmer's market closes for the year, in three weeks.
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Lynnis said...

wow, you really are a locovore. You had no frozen packaged food?

Piri Jenkins said...

Nope, not any more, we ate it all up and are making our food from scratch now. Time to make up for the last year, when we ate way too much frozen pizza.

Lona said...

I have half a freezer bag of dehydrated pears, a working batch of pear wine and a case of bottled cherry wine.