Sunday, October 26, 2008

Drill Doctor

I bought a "Drill Doctor" out of necessity. I had ruined a very expensive 5/8" bit through improper use and it needed sharpening for an important generator project. I also have lots of other dull bits lying around that need work. So does Jon.

It took a bit of doing to figure out how it works. I misconstrued the instructions to think that their reference to a chuck mean any old chuck I had laying around. Wrong. They mean the plastic thing supplied in the kit. There were two holes in the case for chucks. Only one was filled. I don't know whether someone swiped the other one before I bought DD or whether they mean for you to buy it as a supplemental. The one in there was for big bits and that was my immediate job, so I eventually figured out that was what was needed and used it.

DD works pretty well, the sharpening went along rapidly and apparently correctly. I finished the important holes that needed drilling. One problem was when I went to close the DD box, it wouldn't close. It took a really long time to figure out that the chuck needed to be screwed "in" to shorten it before the box would close.

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