Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day--Education--and more water facts

My blog post is here:

And here is an interesting fact to go along with Piri's post:
Additional annual investments needed to achieve clean drinking water for all: $10 billion
Annual expenditure on ocean cruises: $14 billion.

So if we stopped floating on salt water so much, people might get clean drinking water!

Or something like that.

And another one: Woman and girls in developing countries walk up to four miiles or six km a day, carrying about five gallons of many of us walk four miles a day for any reason? On a daily basis I walk about 2 or 3. But maybe thats just me?


Piri Jenkins said...

Wow - we don't even need to eliminate our cruising just reduce it by 5/7ths to pay for clean water for all.

Lynnis said...

I was thinking of taking a cruise next year but this just makes me feel guilty.

Brian said...

Walking 4 miles is good for them. It keeps them from getting fat. You don't hear about anorexia in Somalia do you?

There is a new powder called PUR for not only killing bacteria, but also removing cryptosporidia and other parasites AND removing toxins like heavy metal. It was made by DOW chemicals and when they failed to make a profit off of it, they created a non-profit organization dedicated to providing it to third world nations.

2 teaspoons can make even the most disgusting water potable and even visually clean.

It is also now available to backpackers, first responders to natural disasters and rightwing nutjobs that are stockpiling for armageddon/racial holy wars.

Piri Jenkins said...

That PUR stuff does look pretty cool, I'll make sure to get some when I become an extremist.