Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV)

I've long been inclined to get an NEV. It would be great during a gas crisis to avoid a gas line. With my weak heart, an unpowered vehicle such as an ordinary bicycle is not a possible option. The road situation here is suitable to go a short way before running into the road speed limit problem.

The only hangup is that most NEV's still use lead acid batteries that don't last long. However I've found that if LA batteries are never discharged fully they last a lot longer. Full or near full discharge disables them thereafter. The GEM NEV by Chrysler is a good possibility. Several models are possible. I've thought about the model eS that has a little truck body in back with two person seating in front. Just google on GEM NEV or look up NEV in Wikipedia if you are interested in the many options. There is a company in Florida that makes a cute little topless sports car style NEV. I didn't get it because it doesn't have doors and my unwieldy weight could not easily step over the side into the seat. If Piri or Emily have an easy place to park it with electric charging capability, it sounds good. Speed limit is 25 on at most 35 roads. There are many companies.

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