Thursday, October 9, 2008

Male soprano, Radu Marian

Hmmm, I think this blog is taking a negative turn. I present you with an ethereal distraction from your financial woes.


Bill said...

I never heard of him before. What a good singer. Says here on these internets that he was born in 1977 in Moldavia; he studied in Moscow and Bucharest, obtaining the title of Concert Master (i thought that always meant the First Violin in an orchestra; does it mean something else or does he play violin also?) he is an 'endocrinological castrato' or 'natural castrato.

I wonder if Radu Marian Ola on facebook is the same person. If so, something very sad. He has No Friends on facebook. I have an idea, let's all sign up as his friend.

So what if it turns out not to be the musician. Maybe it will turn out to be someone who wants to beat up guys that sing like girls. We can always defriend him.

Lynnis said...

He is an endocrinological castrati. I have not be able to get his recordings, but there are several of them on youtube. /i will check out this Radu Marian Ola.

I discovered him when I wiki'd castrati and they had a sample of him as what a real castrati might sounds like, since the last person castrated for musical purposes died in 1922. That was Alessandro Morechi, the only castrati to make a voice recording and it is not nearly as hauntingly beautiful as Radu Marian's singing.