Thursday, October 30, 2008

On beards, shaving and haircuts

My beard seems to be getting tougher or maybe the razors are going down in quality. I have a Quadratrac, but it clogs. The Bic disposables went down in quality for a while, but are improving again. I'm thinking about returning to a straight razor. Jon once gave me a DoubleDuck, a quality variety of straight razor. I must find it and try it again. But then I will need to find the strop. The strop is a piece of leather used for working off the wire burr at the very tip of a recently sharpened straight edge. As any metallurgist knows, it is impossible to cut metal without leaving a burr somewhere.

The option of doing nothing doesn't work either because my beard itches. Maybe I could try shaving every day, then it would not get so long as to clog the razors. What a novel idea.

I solved the problem of haircuts. I just grab a bunch of hair and cut it. The appearance is not so great but it works.

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Lynnis said...

You gave your double duck razor to me when I was a teenager to fight off men's advances. I can dig it up if you want it since I have a handgun to do that now.