Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I might die if you actually see this video

i received this video from my friend a day ago. it made laugh cry angry all at the same time. if it were to actually happen though....i don't know...it wouldn't be very good for my health...

put these in the url thing one after another--it should work.i have to do this cause the link spills past the post.

(first half) http://www.cnnbcvideo.com/index.html?nid=4wPOD5mLmT

(second half) tzwUV2XHTxLDEzOTA3NTk-&referred_by=11489371-z6Qt.Ex

(my friend didn't know that i had already voted.)


Piri Jenkins said...

That's a great video.

Emily said...

The best part is how customized versions are going around. Someone sent me one of those yesterday. I was thinking of sending some to undisclosed Powells today :)

Hallie Jo said...