Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Biking to see Michelle Obama

I finally have something to say in the blogger world- and thought that I could tie together some of the threads on this blog! Also, I really like it that this is a communication with our family, and I need to make sure to get involved.

This morning Sam and I biked over to see Michelle Obama at a rally in Boulder after dropping Sofi at school. We got there early enough to get a front row spot, and I was so amazed by her presence that all of us will be heading over to the democratic campaign office today after naps to sign up for canvasing or whatever you can do with babies in tow. She is really clear on the issues that affect every person with children and families; the main thrust of her speech was to point out that it really does matter who you vote for, and since it was at the University that all young people should vote. After she was done, Sam and I got to shake hands with her (and I've been looking around the web for photos, as we were with a friend of mine who also brought a baby boy and I'm pretty sure they were good photo ops). Also thanks to my recent thoughts about skin care from Lynnis I have no sun damage to report from this event.

That brings me to several of the other ongoing issues. The first is the "Living Well on Two Wheels" issue. I have been working really hard to bike my kids around lately, and highly recommend getting out there on a bike (with pedals) wherever you are. We have a single trailer that Sam rides in now, and a seat on the back of my bike for Sofi. It takes work to haul them both, but it is really fun to teach Sofi things like how to signal turns and share a path with others. I realize that Boulder has better trails than most places, but I would look for a place to take a bike ride wherever I was. The effects of all of the nice fall air are even more easy to feel than imagining the emissions that we're saving.

The last item that I'd like to contribute is a link to the Barack Obama song that our family has been listening to all of the time lately. I think that it brings really positive energy to the universe, and while it is not quite in Lynnis's music broadening spectrum, it's not your everyday kind of song:

Maybe I'll write more about all of this on the 15th for blog action day. In the mean time, I'll say that I have been contributing all of the money that I save by no longer having a cleaning lady to the Obama campaign in some way or another. I consider it my "cleaning for Obama" personal campaign. I really hope that it helps to elect a politician who seems to care so much about the things that worry about for not only my immediate family, but also all of you guys!


Piri Jenkins said...

I have been meaning to get a bike for a few years now, but Old Greenbelt is so walkable, and outside it is so unbikeable that I have little incentive. I almost bought a bike trailer on Craig's List a month ago, but it turns out it was missing a few parts (and of course I have no bike, so I am in no hurry). Would you recommend a baby bike seat or a trailer for Linnea?

Gordon said...

Piri, you should consider a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). They are legal in most states at up to 30 mph as I recall. The road should not exceed 35mph as I recall. Check it out. There are lots of them available from different manufacturers. Some are pretty cool.
They are usually four wheel, some 3 wheel. They are very suitable for mother with baby.

Lona said...

That sounds like a great event! My baby transpo project is figuring out how to add a second seat to my jogging stroller. The time I took both Linnea and Julia in it squeezed into the same seat did not end well.

Piri Jenkins said...

A NEV would sort of defeat the purpose for me, as I would be biking mostly for the exercise. They are neat, but it wont work for me.

Lona, I think perhaps it is time to explore other double stroller options. The one we had did not work out, but that does not mean they are all no good. The fancy type we were discussing a few weeks ago is called the "Phil and Ted" stroller, with an add on seat in the back. But they are quite pricey, even on Craig's List.