Friday, October 24, 2008

Predictions about the next administration

Under the present economic conditions the loser of the election will be whoever wins the election. If that seems like a strange statement, consider the following. Both candidates promise to cut taxes and raise expenditures. In the best of times a universal health plan is mostly unaffordable. I have long advocated health care for immunizations, trauma and obstetrics, I also think that complete care is an economic impossibility.

Both candidates plan to give hell to the Taliban, and rightly so. Both are predicted by pundits to start a war with Iran on the expectation that Iran will almost certainly give nukes to terrorists. All this adds up to increased expenditures with decreased revenues in an economic situation where stimulus isn't going to help much. The economic situation is basically a worldwide crisis of confidence.

Something has to give, and, I know what it will be. All the promises about health care will not be kept. Taxes will go up. The predicted wars will be made more economical by use of nukes. The loser of the election will be whoever wins the election.

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