Thursday, September 25, 2008

Your Hip Hop Education

I am guessing my readers, being composed entirely of my close family, are not big rap and hip hop fans. This may be because your pallet has not been challenged. Hip hop is the new folk- picking up where Dylan left off. Few other genres offer the witty cultural observations and fresh perspective that hip hop does. I assure you it does not all consist of threatening to "pop a cap in yo' ass".

Below is Makeshift Patriot by Sage Francis.


Gordon said...

I like hip hop when my hearing permits me to understand the lyrics. The trouble with the example given is that political criticism is best given by citing actual deeds e.g. "He didn't regulate prudently or follow Congressional intent, or anticipate consequences reasonably forseeable."

I reject guilt by association: as with picture of Bush with devil's shadow.

Can't make hip hop out of rational discourse I suppose.

Lynnis said...

The pictures aren't really relevant, that was a fan mash up on youtube. It's really about 9-11 and the frenzy that followed, not a direct criticism of bush.

Gordon said...

Yeah, I really couldn't hear the lyrics.