Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shake it, baby

As the maternal unit responsible for producing an agrarian M.B.A, I am thrilled to be invited to contribute. Let me talk a little bit about a morning shake as an ingredient to 'living well'. Soren and Chrissy came back with the idea after a Gary Null seminar. I have toyed with the ingredients a little and make it like this: almond milk, flax seed oil, wheat germ, tofu, berries (blue or red are best), protein powder and spirulina-veggie-probiotic powder (Garden of life Perfect Food Super Green Formula) all blended together in the cup that comes with the immersion blender ($20 at Target) that I bought for the process. I sip or spoon (depending on the thickness since I never measure anything) in the morning while surfing a few internet news sites....mmmmmmmmm. Well, I've been faithful to this drink for about six months that is supposed to reverse grey in your hair. I think it may be time to let my dye job grow out and see if it worked. Another note- I have not gotten sick since I started drinking this.


Piri Jenkins said...

You never get sick anyway.

Lynnis said...

I just hate when you add hemp seeds, I imagine that's what bong water must taste like. Excellent contribution though, that's why I asked you for a food processor for x-mas. There is an Indian herb called Bringraj (Vadik)that is supposed to reverse graying, maybe you can include it in your smoothies.