Thursday, September 18, 2008

I was too brash in thinking the gasoline powered generator would really be repairable. I changed the governor spring. Now it won't start at all even with Soren pulling the crank. It worked before. Maybe a repair reversion is in order. Oh, well, plenty of generator fun to be had. I'm off the Jon's to see if he is available to help deliver the propane generator over here.

A point of English orthography that has always eluded me is why generator seems to be spelled with OR instead of ER. Does anyone know? Since GovernOR is a position in society, while a GardenER is also a position in society, perhaps it has to do with social rank within society. Maybe someone anthropomorphized generat?? to produce generatOR with a high societal rank. I think we should call in Roal to explain all this to us.


Lynnis said...

how come posting works for you but now me?

Gordon said...

Maybe you are not signed in.