Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thoughts on skin care

This is a follow-up to my first post on chemical peels. I was in the ladies’ room today and my T zone was a tad shiny so I used one of the toilet seat covers to blot my face. They really work amazing for it. That is the most useful and unexpected beauty tips I have heard of that works. On a side note, I always go the restroom on the first floor of my building which has no tenant. It feels so luxurious to use a “fresh” toilet every time. They clean them every night, put the seats up and squirt blue stuff in them so I always pick one that I am assured has been disinfected since the last pair of cheeks touched it. I would not recommend using seat covers from questionably maintained bathrooms.

I have done my previously blogged about alpha beta peel 3 weeks in a row and my skin looks pristine and dewy. The first week after the peel my skin felt hard and oily, but I guess my cellular turnover has adjusted. My complexion looks better than it ever has and I ran out of the aldactone and bactrim that I normally take for it two weeks ago. If this continues I will not refill it for obvious reasons.

The same time I started my alpha beta peels I discovered a new brand of skin care. I used to use aubrey organics, which is quite better than average. But this new stuff is amazing and actually less processed than even aubrey is. It’s called Suki and it is trés cher! I started with a variety pack and this eye cream I read rave reviews of on Amazon (I actually stumbled on it while looking to buy aubrey). BTW- they are 20% off right now if you want to try. I just ordered some more products I found on ebay for less than half of other places. The best thing about the peel/suki regime is that it has eliminated all the hard sebaceous bumps on my forehead which not even prescription drugs helped.

Toner is essential to getting your skin really clean. I loved the itsy bitsy Suki toner in the trial pack but I think I can make it. I plan to take rose water, witch hazel, mix in a little aloe plus a few drops of glycolic acid from the peel. There is this tv dermatologist, I forget her name, who is 52 but looks 25 and says that you need to use 10% glycolic acid toner on your face and neck daily. It's not only an extra cleansing step but it exfoliates without abrasion.

I'm sure some of you think I am putting too much effort into grooming but I hope my good skin luck keeps up!


Gordon said...

Mea culpa. My skin is really oily and prone to sebaceous problems. It is all genetic. But look on the bright side. Your skin will have few wrinkles as you age.

Lynnis said...

perhaps you should try my peel. The Suki also eliminated the ruddiness always suffered from which I seem to get from you too.

Gordon said...

The ruddiness is experienced by fair complexioned people who have had too much sun. It was your swimming pool days and resulting freckles that caused the ruddiness. It will be with you lifelong. Remember how "ladies" formerly wore bonnets? That was the reason.

Lynnis said...

I really don't think that's the cause although I know what you are describing - it's when you melanin producing cells get so crispy and damaged they are always on. Mine was more inflammation related, and gentler skin products relieved it. Now it's better.