Monday, September 29, 2008


So I was inspired by Lona's ebay adventures in Thailand and decided to buy a fabulous gem from the far east. I, however decided to go with FEDEX delivery instead of on a sea turtle's back. I've been dreaming of a fabulously garish and huge morganite cocktail ring. I won this 10.3 carat morganite on ebay. I was astounded when it arrived 3 days later! Morganite is a beryl like aquamarine and emerald only pink. Unfortunately my budget doesn’t allow for a Leon Mege creation like the lovely bauble that inspired me above, but I think I will get another ebay jeweler to make a custom setting for it.

For those of you not familiar with Lona’s purchase, she won a 14k alexandrite and diamond ring for $9.99 including shipping from Thailand! She received this response from the vendor:

dear friend

item need take 10-20 days for arriving so i wish you can waiting for some days ,if not receive after some days and you can go to local post office for checking ,

and you not receive items after checking then i think item may be miss on road so i will resend or refund full money

so donot worried

any question i will solve it

because you are my god

looking forward to reply

god bless your family

best wishes

nice day


Gordon said...

Beryl is very nice. I like the morganite variation in the pic.

Lona said...

By the way, I did get my ring. Those stones may have been real but the whole ring was so tacky (in person) that I brought it to the 'free' table at the GACA meeting where it disappeared.