Thursday, September 18, 2008

Absurdia Ex Nihilo

Jon says that he has seen two instances of people riding their motorcycle with a dog on back wearing goggles. When you stop to think about it, its pretty cool of both the dog and the rider.

Jon's mean goose, who, for lack of a better name, I will call Old Bastard, is limping pretty badly these days. Both Tom the dog and Greeleo have been chasing him to my regret. Jon says he is going to dress up Old Bastard in a Nazi uniform, and take a movie of him goose stepping with a limp, then send it to YouTube. Old Bastard acquired his limp from biting at the tire of a car backing up. Exactly the same act killed Cosmic the Goose. Cosmic acquired his 15 minutes of fame by Lona taking a picture of him acting mean then sending the pic to the local newspaper. Geese really hate moving car tires it seems.


Lynnis said...

Living well means having well mannered geese. My geese are always on their best behavior around people and cars.

Gordon said...

Genetics makes all the difference. It is undoubtedly true that your Sevastapol geese are different. They are actually friendly.

It is very interesting to read Livy's History of Rome. In it there is an account of geese being used at the Roman fort as an alarm system. It worked. Some invaders sneaking up the cliff were detected, and a battle ensued.

Lynnis said...

Ah yes, the Romans are known for their goose husbandry, among other things. The breed has an interesting top knot. They are also supposed to be well mannered.