Sunday, January 4, 2009


Greetings! We are still in Hawaii, which seems like it would be a locavore's dream, since almost everything could actually be grown here (we have all been enjoying bananas guilt free!). We took a (free- we were the only ones who wanted a tour and the owner suggested maybe we could buy some fruit in exchange for the tour) tour of a beautiful biodynamic, organic farm here the other day and got a few free purple sweet potatoes which were the best root vegetable that I've ever tasted! Here is a link to a story about them Laulima Farms. We even got to use the advertised bicycle powered blender to mix our smoothie. I think that it would be really far away from everything to live here, otherwise it would be a great idea.

On an side note, my friend Laura sent me a link to this blog which seems (I only read a few posts) to be relevant to the topic of this blog:Homegrown Evolution

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Lona said...

I am reading a book about the steel industry at Sparrows Point. It has a little segment in it about how young James Dole came to Hawaii from New England around 1903and decided to grow pineapples for the canned market.
"Shipped 6,700 miles from Sparrows Point to Honolulu through the Panama Canal, the tin sheets were fabricated into cans and taken next door to the Dole packing factory. An incredible piece of machinery had been invented by Dole engineer Henry Ginaca. In a series of clattering movements out of a Rube goldberg fantasy, the Ginaca grabbed a pineapple, peeled it, sized it, cored it, cut off its ends, and delivered the cylinder to the packing tables..."
This was one of the first canned foods and a big boon to the steel industry.