Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So Long 2008

Yeesh, what a lame year! Post your resolutions and hopes for 2009.


Piri Jenkins said...

Resolutions -

Linnea: Improve verbal skills, develop a longer attention span, wean, sleep through the night in own bed, allow comfort from Daddy

Piri: finish a quilt, wean Linnea, take a class at the community center, have a productive garden

Gordon said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Haven said...

My resolution is to train Torry to act like a respectable human being. (Or at least be silent when he has to be.)

Emily said...

My resolution is to do more yoga- though I have at least one child that could probably use a few of Piri's resolutions (good thing I read the blog- I had been pretty behind!!!). Happy New Year family!

Emily said...

(and I'm sorry to hear you had a lame 2008 Lynnis! I thought some parts were not so great, but I hope it all wasn't too bad)

Lynnis said...

It wasn't too lame personally but I didn't achieve many of my goals. I think it was lame in general because it feels like the start of a dark era in history.

My resolutions:
* Achieve healthy BMI
* Apply to actually get my masters diploma
* cook more/ eat out less
* I like Piri's idea of taking an enriching class
* collaborate with Denny to build fireplace surround

Hallie Jo said...

I hope to get in/go to college and learn a little more german before going to austria in the fall

Hallie Jo said...

i mean summer

Lona said...

Go through book on Pranic Healing
Watch more movies
Take a vacation
Get into survivalist mode deeper
Have an art show
Work on alleviating judgemental attitude

Lynnis said...

I would like to be less judgmental/critical/negative as well.

*Brian says he thinks you need to be more judgmental towards hangers on

Lona said...

Well I've tried being judgmental to the hangers on and it didn't get me anywhere, so the new approach will be to be non-judgemental.

Innes said...

to jump in:

re-establish my weight-watcher goal weight (though not necessarily go back to weight watchers...)

join an orchestra (besides the small one i belong to that only does sight reading)


Anonymous said...

Oh good...I would like some help with mine. My new years resolution is to slowly transform my grocery shopping to be as organic as possible. If y ou have any suggestions, keep in mind that we are an elementary school teacher and a grad student who just purchased our first home, so money is certainly an issue. Mythought was to start with dairy...any help would be appreciated!

Anonymous said...

anonymous is corinne,ps