Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to save 30% on almost anything!

With the holidays coming and most of us feeling poor I thought I'd share some misering tips! I am always finding fantastic deals on ebay, and here's how to make them even better. Microsoft's products suck so bad they will give you payola for using them. They owe me $200 just since yesterday for things I was going to buy anyway. Here's how:

1) First find something you want on ebay with a buy it now using your regular search methods. Then open internet explorer and go to www.live.com do a vague search for the product you need. You may need to tweak your search terms so it knows you are looking to buy something (Fig 1)

2) On the results page look for the $ sign showing you can get cash back at ebay (Fig 2)

3) Click through the link and look for the microsoft cashback sign at the top of ebay, then edit the search until you've found just want you need. You can even paste in the item number from your previous search. (Fig 3)

4) You must use "buy it now" within an hour of your live.com search and you must pay with paypal.

5) IMPORTANT: On the last page where your payment receipt is from paypal you must click "Claim your microsoft cashback". You'll have to sign up for a microsoft live account which can use your email address as the login. Your cashback should show up as pending shortly and in 60 days you can request it to be dispersed (the waiting period it so you can't return the item). You can get your payola by check, paypal, or deposited to your bank account.

I hear microsoft is discontinuing live.com so this opportunity may not be around much longer.

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Piri Jenkins said...

Awesome! I just used it to buy the Ergo baby carrier, the price is controlled by the manufacturer, so it is never on sale, but I saved $30!