Monday, December 15, 2008

Blue Eyed Devil

Old Bastard and I had a face-off today. His little goose offspring are now grown, but he continues to assert his ganderly protection of his family as any good gander should do. But he goes a bit overboard it must be said. I was just walking by and he started intimidating me. Not being exactly a masculine wimp myself, this grandpa stooped down and extended my hand toward Old Bastard so as to imitate a goose neck with my hand. I even snapped my fingers open and closed so as to imitate a goose beak.

Well, Old Bastard and I had played this game a number of times before. On other occasions, I had quickly grabbed his neck or beak and held it briefly to show who had the most testosterone. On this occasion, Old Bastard remembered and was wary. But, finally he got close enough that I made an attempt at his head. But he knew what to expect. He escaped my grasp and quickly backed off with a loud squawk at my temporary grasp.

So, who is the blue eyed devil ? Old Bastard or me ? For that matter, which of us is the Old Bastard? From his perspective, it is undoubtedly me. From my perspective it is him. That is what politics is all about I suppose. Old Bastard certainly does have lovely blue eyes though.

While on the subject of beastly relations, I can not help but post this link about rhinos and elephants. Even better, is that the writer of the piece is Cecil Adams, the famed Chicago know-it-all.


Lynnis said...

Perhaps you should try kindness with old bastard. The secret must be hand raising them from goslings because my gooses let anyone pet them; Linnea even fed them and they were very polite to her.

You seem to get amusement from onerous geese so you and the other blue eyed devil make good company.

Gordon said...

He started it first.