Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pictures from our latest cheesemaking

Guy made farmhouse cheddar cheese again yesterday.  He is so eagar to try the one we have already made, but it is not fully aged yet.  The leftover whey from the cheddar looks much cloudier then the whey from our mozzerella, so he tried to further render it into whey ricotta. Something must have gone wrong, because it only yeilded about a tablespoon of ricotta, and the whey still looks cloudy.

The whey being heated for whey ricotta

The cheddar curds, after being drained

Draining the curds

The cheddar, after being pressed overnight


Emily said...

Matt got me cheese making supplies and books for Christmas! I am eager to try it all out when we return from Hawaii. I'm going to have to get more info from our local dairy about our milk and ask you lots of questions Piri! It's cool to see your cheese posts. I'm hoping that making some more of our dairy products will be another step to our locavore goals.

Piri Jenkins said...

Awesome, I feel like such a trend setter! I think you should start with the mozzarella kit, its a good confidence booster. But milk not being ultra pasteurized is super important.