Friday, December 26, 2008

I tried Bluetooth

Sometimes on the internet there hour long "radio" programs I like to listen to but it is a nuisance to need to sit at the computer. So, since I was sending an order off to Tiger Direct anyway for network attached storage, I decided to add a Bluetooth headset to order.

Bluetooth is a short range wireless technology optimized for audio transmission. It can also do IP networks if you want. You need to add a transmitter to your computer if it doesn't already have one. I bought a "dongle" for about $10 for the transceiver. It plugs into a USB port. The Motorola headset was about $39. Cheaper sets are available, but I wanted stereo because of my hearing problems. A headset with a microphone build in is about $90 and is worth it if you want to do handless phone service. Many wireless phones have Bluetooth built in to them.

Installing the software wasn't difficult but figuring out how to use it took a little effort. The difficulty was that many Bluetooth protocol services are available. Finally I settled on "Advanced Audio" service and it worked. A similar service is for telephone hookups. The Motorola S9 headset uses a password of 0000 and you need to know the password. You can also set up a short range IP network to hook up your laptop computer. Some laptops have Bluetooth built in, others require a dongle. The range is around a hundred feet, but as with all RF, your exact position and orientation will matter.

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