Friday, November 13, 2009

Vitamin D might prevent H1N1 flu

There is evidence from a private physician in Georgia that high dose Vitamin D supplementation seems to prevent H1N1 swine flu. This makes sense since it has also been observed elsewhere that Mexicans seem to be more susceptible to the flu than light skinned Americans. Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin and lighter skin permits more synthesis of the vitamin. Nonetheless, because many light skinned people don't get enough sun, it probably makes sense for everyone to supplement.

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Emily said...

After reading this, I might comment that also taking more walks outside might be advisable. It seems like I am in a constant battle with my sun exposure habits (and now I even have good sunscreen I'm supposed to remember per some very early posts on this blog). In addition to the vitamin D, I think that getting outside is good for the spirit!