Friday, November 20, 2009

Megabus Adventures

*$8 to New York City. yes!
*Free WiFi!
*Green lights
*On time (only left 3 minutes late!)

Lets hope I don't jinx the rest of the ride...

Edit: Things to do with free WiFi
*Read historical tweets
*play sporcle
*of course, Facebook


Gordon said...

Gosh Hallie, how did you get a deal like that ? What company ?

Lona said...

Have fun!

Hallie Jo said...

The company is called Megabus. I bought the tickets a month in advance. If you buy them early enough then sometimes the tickets are as low as $1. A similar company is Bolt, but I think Megabus usually posts their schedule earlier than Bolt.

Innes said...

wow! good for you for planning ahead!