Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brooklyn Adventures

Megabus got into NYC about a half hour late, which isn't too bad. My bus back to DC was right on time, in fact, we got to Baltimore half and hour early (but I guess DC traffic slowed us down).
On Saturday I went with my friend Jen and some of her friends from Pratt to this Score Swap.. Basically you paid $3 and donated a couple things and then you could take whatever you want. The swap was hosted by Bust and Nylon magazines. There were people there taking pictures. We all got a bunch of stuff, mostly clothes, but Jen got some 45s and I found a Polaroid camera...now I just need to find some film for it!


Innes said...

very interesting! i looked at the facebook fan page, but couldn't quite figure it out...explain it more when we see you!

Gordon said...

The film is no longer made commercially as far as I know. Why don't you make some yourself ? It doesn't need to be great, just something. The old patents are surely available.

Gordon said...

Wrong, here is a site that sells the film. http://www.ecamerafilms.com/category_s/43.htm