Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jon and Jake hit the mountains and party life

Herewith is a (sanitized) part of Jon's email to me from France:

these party animals had me out till
3:::::::::up in the mountains at another ancient home,
pictureslllllllstill cant find the keyboard period::::::::::::it was a
goat trail to get therellllllllwild dogs, wild pigs; the man needs a
rifle, has nonelllllllllthe wind power here is well developed, many
massive units to be seen, like war of the worlds things on the
horizon:::::::::::::::i was told that since carolina has a license to
practice in england that since its all now the eu that would be much
easier for her to work here::::::::::::fresh oysters and muscles
yesterday from saltwater farm:::::::::::not cheap; but the muscles
were especially good:::::::::::::were drinking wild thyme tea to ward
off the flu::::::::::::abnormal amounts of rain; but welcomed in this
climate:::::::::i seem to be the only party surviver; only one up at
10 morning::

He must have been posting on a sub-mini netbook that the old guy could barely see or type upon. I wonder what ::::: and lllll mean on that computer ?


Piri Jenkins said...

European keyboards are different, he may not have been able to figure out how to type what he was looking for. When I was in France I remember copying and pasting a letter because I could not figure out how else to type it.

Emily said...

Thanks for posting his updates Gordon! I'm glad to hear from someone how he's doing.