Thursday, May 7, 2009

Excerpts from France

It is evident that Jon is not the typical tourist. He speaks French and also has close contacts with the aborigines. Here are a few excerpts from an email:

we went to the ghost village of perrillios out in the desert not
far away: fairly well preserved tiny village with its own church:
restoration under slow way and things are locked unlike last time when
i visited church: little graveyard and wonderful view over over
valleys to mountains and far distance: the last time i played guitar
under a fig tree for the last nights operation of La Lizard bistro

Apparently life is pretty good there:

lourant and i played into the night after dining on
medeteranian muscles and crab:::::: life is tough but someone must
do it

And so it goes in France. I haven't heard much about what Jake is doing.

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