Thursday, May 7, 2009

A cure for obesity ?

Since the Ohio trip I have been feeling great. Even better, I've lost 10 pounds and expect to continue losing. I don't know the cause of all this, but one possibility is that the road vibration from the long trip was vibrating all my fat and reset the metabolism. I have heard of such things. I feel too good to suspect cancer as a cause for weight loss.

After arriving in Ohio, someone asked if my new Honda Fit had a lot of road vibration. I had not previously noticed it, but, on the trip back paid attention, and yes, perhaps there is a little bit more rumble than average, but nothing obnoxious to my personal sensibilities. Anyway, if the vibration hypothesis is true, buy a Honda Fit if you want to loose weight. It is probably the best car I have ever owned. I love it and recommend it to anyone. The new engine loosened up on the trip, and now it gets over 37 mpg with further increases expected.


Lona said...

So the cure for obesity is to go to a bigfoot convention? When is the next one?

Lynnis said...

Very interesting. You should start planning your next trip. I don't know about road vibration, it's probably more attributable to getting out and about.

Piri Jenkins said...

Sounds like you should take another road trip!