Thursday, February 26, 2009

Save your Blog

I contribute to several blogs, and I am looking into different ways to save them.  Most importantly, I am interesting in keeping a copy of my baby photos blog, since I updated it much more often then my daughter's baby book.  Haven seems to have just had an accident with her blog, so I thought I would post here in case any of the rest of you are interested.

There are two sites that I have found that publish blog books, Blurb  and Blog2Print.    Its a nice idea for a completed blog, or you could order an edition once a year or so.  Blurb requires a download and it doesn't seem to work very well with my photo blog. Blog2Print is fully web based and does a better with the photos, but does not allow quite as much customization as I would like and, obviously, videos don't work out at all.  Bloggled should be coming out with a third blog to book service soon.  I really like the idea of a baby blog book, so I probably will order one.

The Real Blogger walks you through creating a mirror of your blog and with printing a copy.

You can sign up online with BlogBackupsOnline, a free account will backup your blog, but wont restore it.  BlogBackupr is still in beta, but its free.  Both back up at least once a day.

Google has provided instructions on downloading all of your blogger blog posts.

BlogBooker provides LiveJournal and WordPress users with a PDF file of their blogs, free.

Another option is to set up your blog to email you all of the posts and comments.


Jacob Duchaine said...
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Jacob Duchaine said...

I recommend exporting your blog through Blogger's export function, taking the time to sort it out and format it correctly, and then using Lulu to bind it for you. Lulu will print you a copy of your blog at some of the lowest rates around, probably less than $8, depending of course upon the length of the blog.

Innes said...

very useful information here--thanks!