Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pomonkey History

I stopped by Van Scoder's today not to fill propane tanks but to check up on local history. Jon has a photo of a tavern run by my mother's father Will Blanchard in Pomonkey. He died in 1915 at age 33. I always wondered why. So, I checked with Van to see if he knew anything about an old tavern in the area. He referred me to the people at Pomonkey airport now known as Maryland Airport, I think.

So, I hunkered down with the old pilots there and noticed the sign "Old pilots day-care center" obviously put up to poke fun at the old codgers there. So, we talked about history a bit. One fellow was 88 and still licensed to fly which is very rare given the physical requirements. I'm going back with Jon's photo of the tavern to see if that evokes any remembrance. I think it was somewhere near there.

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how 'bout posting your photo?