Thursday, February 12, 2009

Review: moby dick's house of kabob

Have you been here? It is the best family owned chain resaurant I know of besides listrani's. It's not seafood,it's the best place for Kabobs, falafel and hummis (well I know one place better- sorrento grill). Moby dick's is not too shabby. The name comes from the original location in Tehran,Iran which was next to the then US embAssy. They wanted a name Americans would find familiar so Moby Dick's was chosen. Check out one of their many DC area locations.


Emily said...

I will certainly visit one of the locations on my next trip out there- what a good review! I wish they would start a Boulder branch. Perhaps we could have a family trip to one branch sometime soonish?

Lona said...

In the mid nineties I had two office mates who were keen on Moby's. Once we went all the way to Bethesda to check it out.

Lynnis said...

There's one closer to you now in fed triangle.