Thursday, October 1, 2009

My excellent Halloween costume -2 footwear

I was delighted to see that when I googled "Excellent Halloween Costume" Oxymoron, my entry came up first, which suggests I am on the right track, and am quickly establishing this blog as ground zero for excellent Halloween costumes about oxymora.

I said I would get to my footwear today, and I even got a couple of suggestions from the commentators. I recalled Lona's entry in this blog about running barefoot, and so the first idea I got was

something called "barefoot running shoes" that a company called Vibram has started to make now

They apparently don't really call them barefoot running shoes, but that's what they're for.

How do they stack up as costume material?
Pros: They certainly look odd enough so you could build a costume around them.
Cons: Since they don't really call them Barefoot running shoes, you have to explain what they are and what makes them an oxymoron. I'd prefer something a little more crisp.
Major con: They cost about $70

Candidate number two :Foot Gloves
Not to be confused with Toe Socks, this was a yoga product sold in Amazon dot com

ref=dp_image_x_0.jpg They weren't exactly inexpensive, around $15, but since September 19, when I originally identified them, and now, they are no longer for sale at any price on And no wonder. Only one star out of five.

So with neither of the first two candidates viable, I am pleased that my readership has already chipped in a couple of suggestions.

Lona suggested unshoes, which I need to look into. She says they look like you are wearing shoes, but you are really barefoot, confounding those "no shoes no service" people. But so far when I looked for unshoes on the internet, I found these

theshot.gif.jpg which don't fit the descriptions, so I need to do some more research. Tara suggested "Loud Sneakers" which was pretty cute, 'cept I originally thought she said "Loud speakers". Contemplating wearing those, I thought of this trivia question: Whose sandals were "herring boxes without topses"?

So the footwear category is wide open. So keep those suggestions coming in, and also think ahead to the next category, which will be HEADWARE.


Gordon said...

Your general idea seems to fit in well with the seldom observed theme of Lynnis' blog "living well."

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Brian has the vibram five fingers. They are sufficientLy cool and creepy and a good investment if you run hike or rock climb regularly. The sizing is odd so they must be tried on in person before purchasing. Although Lona has abandoned barefoot running, I have gotten very into it. I run on a treadmill in cushy socks and don't have trouble with shin splints anymore. I used to only be able to go 1.5 mi because my shins hurt, now I'm going 4 and stopping because I'm bored, not tired. I'd like to transition to trails but I need to get some creepy glove shoes first.

Tara said...

OK, how about Two Dollar penny loafers (that is if they cost $2 at the thrift store). Am I being too literal?

My office mate had the idea of Dutch clogs from China or some other manufacturing country (i.e. Chinese Dutch Clogs).

I'm ready for the headwear.

Innes said...

clementine wears the herring boxes w/o topses