Friday, November 9, 2012

An overcoat sleeping bag

Some people, particularly hunters and military people, are sometimes caught outside without complete equipment for camping overnight. Here is an idea for adding to an overcoat a means to turn it into a sleeping bag. The idea is the the lower part of the coat would have an annular addition attached along the bottom edge with the upper edge ordinarily folded upward inside the coat.

When required to create a sleeping bag, the idea would be to fold down the internal annulus "lining" that would be constructed long enough to extend beyond the feet. Some sort of fastening system would then seal the former internal annular "top" , now the "bottom". For the top of the overcoat, some sort of hood arrangement might be useful. If L. L. Bean or other manufacturer would make something like this, I think it would sell.

This would also be good for children.

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