Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ruffled Feathers


My rooster with the famous tail was cornered in the garage and attacked by some vile creature. Amazingly enough he is fine. The funny thing is he shed his tail like a skink. I never would have imagined that tail might serve a functional purpose but it was enough of a subterfuge to allow him to escape. Feathers were going from the front to back of the garage in large clumps. If they hadn't left the feathers I would suspect a hatmaker.

Poor little man wanted to go to bed early. His tail used to touch the ground when he was on his perch.

I could make some really impressive hats or fishing flies.


Lona said...

I just got a black hat off ebay and I'll take a feather for that.

Newls said...

Same thing happened to our long-tailed Rooster Roderick about 15 years ago. He was quite naked in the rear, and very odd looking, like a half chicken, but it all grew back!