Friday, March 26, 2010

Dismantling Machu Pigchu and growing potatoes

The Hog of High on the Hog has chronic skin problems. In an effort to control disease I had to dismantle her life's work, what we refer to as "Machu Pigchu". She built Machu Pigchu with her hooves and bulldozer snout out of straw, leaves, sticks, detritus and extension cords. She is always rearranging and adding to it. She had it so tall she had to kneel to actually get through the door of her house.

After 4 or five full wheelbarrows this it what it was underneath:

I plan to use the ruins of Machu Pigchu to grow potatoes and yams. I take a piece of fencing and roll it up like a big tomato cage. It is even better if you can line the sides with newspaper. Use the materials you have, if you don't have fencing maybe you can stack old tires or drill holes in a trash can. Add a nice layer of organic matter. Add seed potatoes, these can be the eyes you were generous in cutting off in cooking. Each eye needs an inch of flesh to be viable. Cover with more organic matter and water. As the vines sprout through the top, repeatedly add more matter. By the end of summer you should be able to tip the hole thing over to collect your crop without digging. Plus you have great compost.


Lona said...

It just occurred to me that Amos' skin problems cleared up when his diet changed to a dog health food diet. Maybe it's time to ditch the pig chow.

Lynnis said...

I will read the ingredients, but I don't think that's the problem. She gets special pot bellied pig food, not farm pig food.