Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010

We got about 26 inches in Greenbelt, the December 19th storm pales in comparison. We lost power for about 5 hours but fortunately the temperature inside stayed in the 60s.

Our Car - I thinkOur street
The backyard

Piles of snow easily exceeded Linnea's 32 inch height.


Lynnis said...

they say we could get 20 more inches on tues and wens which would exceed my height (and possibly your "real height") :)

Piri Jenkins said...

Hey - Guy measured me the other day and I was 5'4"! We were shocked.

Looks like at 31.5" of snow you already are at Linnea's height, and with a pig on the couch, I imagine you are taking a lot of damage.