Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's cheap but it ain't free

On eating cheap:

I went to safeway for lunch and spent $2.15! Here is what I got...
Small clamshell of field greens at salad bar. I avoid the heavy stuff but splurge and add edamame and bleu cheese. I skip the dressing and add balsamic vinager and a sprinkle of sugar I keep at work. Salad bars are the cheapest way to buy field greens and baby spinach. Expect to pay $4-$7/lb vs $11/lb if you buy it in a bag. Spent $0.86

Bakery roll= $0.59
Dannon yogurt= $0.70
Total= $2.15

It taste purdy good!


Annie said...

when we couldn't afford to eat out in Berlin, and didn't have our own kitchens, the grocery store was our every-day lunch spot. We would go as a group and split a loaf of bread, a wheel of cheese, a bag of oranges, etc. buying in bulk is even more cost-effective, and in European countries, the price of essentials is price-controlled.

Lona said...

I've got an idea. Now that you have such a big window in your office why don't you cultivate some greens at work!